Chess tournaments

Monthly round-robin GM, IM and Rating chess tournaments in Kecskemét, Hungary

Actual tournaments:

Chess in Kecskemet IM June on Chess-Results, on

Chess in Kecskemet FM June in Chess-Results, on


The waiting time for all tournaments is 60 minutes. All tournaments are in round robin system with 9 - 10 - 11 rounds. The rounds start every day 3 p.m., opening ceremony and drawing held on the first day at 3 p.m.

Time control: 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes + 30 sec/each moves. The conditions by all tournaments will be by individual agreements.




Month Tournament dates
June 18-27
July 16-25
August 20-29
September 17-26
October 15-24
November 19-28
December 14-22, 27-05.01.2017

We offer you accomodation for a reasonable price, in the same building where the tournament takes place. Please look for our room offer.

Budapest Liszt Ferenc Airport is about 80 km. to Kecskemét. We offer you a transport by car from and to the airport.

KECSKEMET is a nice historical town in the middle of Hungary, 85 kilometer south from Budapest, with 120.000 inhabitants. About Kecskemet see: Wikipedia

Kecskemet has more like 80 years tradition in international chess tournament organization and chess book publication. We organize international chess tournaments from 1978. We welcome chess players interested in individual and group-chess training in German or English. Peter Leko, Berkes Ferenc and Zoltan Gyimesi - members of the succesfull Hungarian Olimpic Team-, had their first chess-teachers among the Kecskemet's masters, and they started their chess carreers at Kecskemet's tournaments. 

Please contact us for the conditions of the participation.